RRWS and COVID-19 update

March 17, 2020

Red River Waste Solutions, (RRWS) is committed to maintain an uninterrupted level of service over the coming weeks and will remain open for business so that no valued customer experiences any interruption in services. This same commitment is to our employees, team members and colleagues. Your state, county and city will determine if and or when we would stop servicing the residents of your community. At this time, we are running normal routes Monday through Friday.

RRWS is deeply committed to the health, safety and success of our customers and employees at all times. It is our primary focus as it relates to present uncertainties due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. We want to take this opportunity to share the measures we have taken to protect you as our valued customers, as well as our 246 valued team members, while maintaining an uninterrupted level of service upon which you can continue to rely on.

Over the years we have developed and refined our telecommuting, contingency and crisis management planning from the corporate headquarters. As we experience increases in the novel coronavirus infection rates, we will take measures and precaution as needed on-site at our various jobsites. Our professional staff at the corporate office will maintain a continuity of service. Each corporate team member is mobile and will be prepared to work from home if the situation arises.

Red River Waste Solutions is actively engaged and monitoring current conditions related to the Coronavirus outbreak to ensure our preparedness and response activities are aligned with recommendations of the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and local health agencies within each state. We are receiving daily updates directly from the CDC. We have taken all appropriate precautions for the security and safety of our customers and employees.

For the health and safety of all our customers and staff, we have increased the focus on keeping our locations clean and sanitized. For our safety and the safety of our customers, we will be closing our offices to the public. We encourage you to make payments online, over the phone, or by mail. Please be aware, this may impact hold times due to increased volume.

Due to the nature of this disease, we will be refraining from picking up any additional household material not enclosed in your standard trash container. We also ask that all materials be bagged. In order to ensure the safety of our staff, they have been instructed to not pick up loose material on the ground, un-bagged material inside of the containers, or any material they deem to be hazardous to themselves or their surroundings.

• Please bag all material – we will not be picking up any loose trash inside the receptacle or beside the receptacle on the ground. Each bag must be hand tied by gathering and twisting the neck of the bag and using a tie or hand knot to secure the bag, and each container must be securely closed.
• Recycle materials may remain un-bagged but please clean and sanitize before placing in your provided receptible.

We urge our customers to take everyday actions to protect yourself and your families from the spread of COVID-19. Follow local guidance and instructions regarding sanitizing and disinfecting procedures. We will continue to monitor the situation and update our customers and employees with new information accordingly.

• Red River Waste Solutions offices are closed to the public.
• RRWS will accept mail, packages etc… No signing/Ask to or make arrangements with each shipping/delivery service for them to drop at a designated area.
• RRWS banned all NON ESSENTIAL TRAVEL ON 3/12/2020.
• RRWS will practice Social Distancing when interacting in person – 6 feet.
• RRWS will conduct all meetings via conference calls, Skype, Facetime etc…
• RRWS has streamlined efficiencies between all job locations and the corporate headquarters.
• BPA (Cigna) our health insurance provider has the established Telemedicine phone # to use for all employees. That number is 855-636-3669. If you have questions about BPA’s telemedicine coverage contact us at 800.277.8973 or bpacustomerservice@bpatpa.com. BPA can assist with benefit questions and any plan document changes in response to COVID-19.
• Follow local instructions regarding sanitizing and disinfecting procedures.
• If you or your family members are symptomatic please take extra care bagging and enclosing used napkins, tissues or medical supplies.
• RRWS has all employees out in the field wearing rubber gloves under the normal PPE, [personal protective equipment], gloves. Employees are wearing safety goggles at all times. Alcohol swabs and masks are also being provided. While the typical PPE, especially puncture resistant gloves, will provide basic protection, keep in mind that these are also surfaces that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. In fact, PPE such as face shields and protective eyewear, should be cleaned frequently due to the close proximity of an infection pathway (the eyes). While you are cleaning the PPE, don’t forget the handles of tools, equipment controls, the pen that everyone uses to sign in with, etc.
• Actively encourage sick employees to stay home and if we have a sick team member, please isolate until you have made travel arrangements for them.
• Perform routine environmental cleaning in the workplace. Wipe commonly used surfaces like telephones and handles with disinfectants.
• Advise employees before traveling to take certain steps, but actively have non- essential travel banned.
• Check the CDC’s Traveler’s Health Notices for the latest guidance and recommendations.
• Advise employees to check themselves for symptoms of acute respiratory illness before traveling.
• Ensure employees who become sick while traveling to notify their supervisor and promptly call a healthcare provider for advice if needed.
• Employees who are well but who have a sick family member at home with COVID-19 should notify their supervisor and refer to CDC guidance for how to conduct a risk assessment of their potential exposure.
• If an employee is confirmed to have COVID-19, employers should inform fellow employees of their possible exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace but maintain confidentiality as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Taking measures to prevent the spread of the virus is vital to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of those in all of our communities. This involves the work of every company, manager and employee.

RRWS Management