Carter Lake

Solid Waste

  • Weekly curbside garbage collection
  • Collected weekly
  • Customer provided containers
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  • Unlimited curbside collection
  • Plastics, metal, cardboard, paper
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Commercial Waste

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Red River is the exclusive residential service provider for the City of Carter Lake.  We offer a weekly collection service for the communities waste, recycling and yard waste.

We have provided residential waste collection service for the City of Council Bluffs since 2008.  We look forward to providing the same level of customer service to you as we currently provide your neighbor across the river.

Trash / Yard Waste – The center of 13th Street will be the dividing line, meaning half of the street will be picked up on each day.  All residents west of 13th Street will have their trash and yard waste collected on Wednesdays.  All residents east of 13th Street will have their trash and yard waste collected on Thursdays.

Recycling – All residents will have their recycling picked up on Mondays of each week.

We have found out that some residents like using 96 gallon carts.  If you would like to rent one or you have any questions related to your service, please call our office at 712-527-5910.

In addition, we also offer a small commercial dumpsters for businesses and large roll off dumpsters for businesses or home needs.  If you would like more information on those services please call our office at 712-527-5910.

Roll Off Dumpster Services

Roll off dumpsters  come in many sizes and types. Different types of projects require different types of dumpsters, so it’s important to understand the size that best fits your needs. Most dumpsters come in 10, 20, 30 and 40 yard sizes. They are sized by the volume of material they can hold, so a 10-yard dumpster’s volume is 10 cubic yards. Here is a guide to understanding dumpster sizes:


Not sure what size you need? Call 712-527-5910 or 712-256-2288 We can help. Just submit a request to talk to someone on our team.

Self contained and stationary compactors come in different sizes and each type of compaction unit has a specific purpose.  Let our sales department develop a waste management solution that will meet your service requirements.

Commercial Dumpster Services

Commercial dumpsters come in many sizes to accommodate your waste disposal needs.  Our dumpster sizes are based on the capacity in cubic yards of waste that they will contain and store.  You can choose a dumpster with a capacity of 2 yards, 3 yards, 4 yards, 6 yards and 8 yards.  Our sales department can help you determine which dumpster size and which service frequency per week will satisfy your commercial waste disposal needs.    Here is a guide to understanding our commercial dumpster sizes:

Cubic Yard Length Width Height
2 37″ 64.75″ 45″
3 79.5″ 66.75″ 45″
4 79.5″ 66.75″ 55″
6 122″ 68″ 50″
8 144″ 68″ 50″