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    At Red River Waste Solutions, every employee has the same goal in mind, which is to offer superior, flexible services to our customers and to continually improve the environment. At Red River Waste Solutions, we take pride in our work and we treat our employees like family. We are excited to hear you want to work for a family owned and operated company for over 60 years, with great benefits, and a dynamic team.

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    If you are applying for a Driver Position, you must fill out the Driver Application form. Filling out the wrong application form may result in the rejection of your application or delay the processing of your application.

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  • I hereby apply for employment with Red River Service Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Employer.) I specifically verify that all information provided in the Application for Employment is true, complete and accurate. I understand and agree that the omission or misrepresentation of any fact in this online Application for Employment will be sufficient reason for Employer to deny me employment. I also understand and agree that should I become employed by Employer and it is later discovered I have omitted or misrepresented any fact in this Application, in any supplement thereto, or any other corporate entity, Employer may immediately terminate my employment upon discovery of such omission or misrepresentation. I authorize Red River Service Corporation to obtain a consumer report containing information containing my prior driving history, criminal history and/or education in connection with evaluating me for employment, promotion, reassignment or retention as an employee. I will abide by the safety of this company. If injured, I authorize my employer to use best judgment for treatment unless I instruct otherwise.